Aug 30, 2020

Unique Ways to Help your Loved One in a Cult or Manipulative Relationship

Rachel Bernstein, MSed, LMFT
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An ONLINE EVENT for Families, Former Members and Friends Affected by CULTIC Groups and Relationships.


Rachel Bernstein, MSed, LMFT
Unique Ways to Help your Loved One in a Cult or Manipulative Relationship
Unique situations sometimes require unique approaches. When faced with a loved one in a cult or a controlling relationship, there are many ways people intervene that feel instinctively right but cause the person to move farther away from you,  more deeply connected to those who are harming them, and less trusting of you and others who are trying to help. It often requires a different approach to make the impact you want to make here. 
After many years of working with families and friends of those in cults and highly controlling relationships, I have learned what techniques work better than others, and I want to share them with you. 
Sometimes when people consult with me, they feel  they have already "blown it", so to speak, by saying or doing the wrong thing and they are either losing touch or have lost touched with their loved one as a result and become the enemy. I will also cover how to mend those fractures and rebuild trust so there is greater communication with them and then a higher chance of being able to truly intervene.

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