Aug 30, 2020

From Surviving to Thriving After Leaving - Steps to Take on the Road to Recovery

From Surviving to Thriving After Leaving - Steps to Take on the Road to Recovery
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Rachel Bernstein, MSed, LMFT
From Surviving to Thriving After Leaving - Steps to Take on the Road to Recovery
Abstract: People who have left highly toxic environments deal with a lot of confusion, anger, sadness, fear, loss, isolation, and at times post trauma reactions. These factors make it difficult to know where to start and what to address first when you need to rebuild your life while also needing to get support for your emotions. Taking all that on while you need to tend to the practical issues of re-entering the world and working to regain the confidence you need to make decisions and move forward can cause  people to give up because it is all too much. 
It becomes easier when it is broken down into steps that you can take (and steps that you can guide loved ones to take who are in these situations too). We will go over a step-by-step plan for your healing and managing the practical issues of everyday life, but it's important to not stop there. Once you feel your feet more firmly planted, it's important to try to move towards feeling good, feeling joy, having a real sense of accomplishment and a strengthened self-concept that comes from knowing you have survived something that could have destroyed you but you were just too determined not to let it!
Biography: Rachel Bernstein, MSed, LMFT, has been working with former cult members for nearly 30 years. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Educator, who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She has been a member of ICSA for many years and has presented talks and moderated panels at ICSA conferences. She was the Clinician at both the former Cult Clinic in Los Angeles and the Cult Hotline and Clinic in Manhattan. She now treats former cult members and their families and friends  in her private practice. Rachel facilitates support groups for former cult members and the former partners of narcissists. Rachel has published articles, made media appearances, consulted on shows and movies about cults, and has been interviewed for podcasts and YouTube videos. Rachel is the host of her weekly Podcast, "IndoctriNation," about breaking free from systems of control. 
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