Oct 30, 2020

Info-Cult - Support Group for Former Members

Support Group for Former Members - Online: Next meeting November 5th

Info-Cult’s support group is intended for people who have experienced, or are presently experiencing, one or more controlling relationships, or various challenges in connection with groups, systems or environments with a high level of commitments, demands or control.

The support group aims to provide these people with the opportunity to share with others who have had similar experiences. It can also help counter the isolation that can result from this type of experience.

The meetings are led by experienced facilitators (a psychologist and a psychoeducator), whose role it is to welcome participants and act as moderators in order to facilitate discussions so that everyone can have the opportunity to express themselves.

Participation is on a voluntary basis, and can be more or less regular.

To take part in the support group meetings, please contact: soutien.infosecte@gmail.com

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