Nov 28, 2020

Costa Rica expels foreigners for naming king of remote Indian

Source: Associated Press
Publication date: 2002-07-18 Link

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — Costa Rica’s president has ordered the expulsion of a group of foreigners, apparently linked to an Indian guru, after they paid members of an Indian reservation in return for the right to name a king, the country’s security minister said Thursday.

The foreigners, members of an organization called the Global Country for for World Peace, allegedly offered each family dlrs 250 a month in return for the right to name the king of the Talamanca reserve, 140 miles (230 kms) south of the capital, San Jose.

After analyzing a report by the security ministry, President Abel Pacheco decided to expel German Emmanuel Schiffgens, the organization’s presumed leader.

In March last year, Schiffgens was listed as prime minister of the Netherlands-based Global Country of World Peace, a “nation without borders” founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a spiritual leader with followers around the world who was once guru to The Beatles.

The Global Country’s “sovereign ruler” is Raja Nader Raam, also known as Tony Nader, who the group’s web site credits with discovering “the constitution of the universe.”

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