Nov 25, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/21-22/2020 (Love has Won, Patricia Hearst, SLA, Brainwashing, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Legal, Religious Freedom, Predatory Alienation, Unification Church, Proud Boys)

Love has Won, Patricia Hearst, SLA, Brainwashing, Jehovah's Witnesses, Legal, Religious Freedom, Predatory Alienation, Unification Church, Proud Boys

Dr. Phil: My Sister Is Running A Cult With A Bunch Of Followers,' Woman Claims; Sister Denies Accusation
"Sisters Chelsea and Tara say that growing up, their sister Amy was a sweet girl who got good grades. Then, by her early 20s, she was married three times and had three children with different dads. Their mother, Linda, says that's when Amy started to change.

"After her third child was born, Amy became very distant," Linda says.

Tara says that in 2006, Amy started acting strange. "She started calling herself 'Mother God,' and she believed that she was God," Tara says. "She claims that she is Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and different people in the past."

'My sister is running a cult with a bunch of followers in Hawaii," Chelsea claims, of the group Amy says is called Love Has Won. "She believes that she has been sent to save the world. All of Amy's followers refer to her as Mom or Mama. I believe that Amy is scamming all of her followers.'"

"Around 9pm on February 4, 1974, Patricia Hearst, heiress to the greatest newspaper fortune in the US, answered a knock at her apartment door in Berkeley, California.

Three people ran into the room, attacking and tying up Patty's partner, Stephen Weed, before grabbing the 19-year-old, dragging her outside and pushing her into the boot of a car.

Neighbours reported seeing Patty struggling as she was carried away, blindfolded. They were powerless to help her as the kidnappers began firing shots into the street and around them to cover their escape.

And so began one of the strangest kidnappings in American history."
"Lower courts say First Amendment prevents juries from considering case

"The Utah Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a case alleging male leaders of a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation in Roy forced a 15-year-old girl to listen to a recording of a man raping her in 2008.

Lower courts found the church is not liable for the incident under protections of the First Amendment.

The state's high court has not yet made any ruling, but one justice made his views on the alleged conduct clear.

"The allegation here is a mental and emotional equivalent of waterboarding," Justice Deno Himonas said. "I've been a judge for a long time and a lawyer for a long time. I've never seen, in court, anything like this that's alleged."

The justice was responding to an attorney for the church who referenced the torture in defending her clients. Lawyer Kara Porter said she would draw a line at such physical harm. But she emphasized the woman in the case alleges intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Attorneys for the woman now in her late 20s argue that lower courts got it wrong when they ruled that the First Amendment shields the church from liability.

They say that Utah's highest court will set a dangerous precedent if it decides to grant such protection, effectively permitting other harmful conduct by religious organizations like sharing a person's medical records or repeatedly striking a child in the face."
" ... A 2017 New Jersey law defined predatory alienation and ordered a study of its effect on young adults and senior citizens, conducted by the Rutgers University School of Social Work. Bills now before both houses of the New Jersey Legislature call for the Predatory Alienation and Consensual Response Act to implement some of the study recommendations, but do not criminalize the destructive behavior.

Those who seem to have abandoned all reason to give up everything they have and everyone they know—and even to submit to servitude in an equatorial jungle or to branding in an upstate suburb—can't know they've been unduly influenced until they get away from their coercive handler. Yet once a son or daughter reaches the age of legal majority, parents lose all rights to rescue them from the psychological bondage imposed by the Keith Ranieres of the world, even if they have evidence of a pattern of deceptive control with no informed consent.

Meanwhile, victims of predatory alienation who say they're "estranged" from their family typically don't have to prove it to obtain subsidized housing or college financing. Such gaming of the social services system can render care providers unwitting accessories to predatory behavior."
 "The author recounts her experiences as a child and young adult in the Unification Church ("the Moonies"). She discusses the enduring sense of not fitting in, which arose from her many years of travelling and being taken care of by people other than her parents (who were usually busy with missionary work) and stigmatized for being an "unblessed" child (not born to Moonie parents). During this prolonged conflict situation she vacillated between trying to "buy it" and rebelling. Leaving the group proved to be difficult because she discovered that she did not fit in "outside" either. Ultimately, however, she left the group permanently and began to build a new life."
"The one-time leader of the Proud Boys' most paramilitary arm is now trying to rebrand the far-right streetfighting group as a more explicitly racist entity. It's the latest headache for an organization currently in denial about President Donald Trump's re-election loss.

Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman was once the leader of the Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights, essentially the frontline shock troops of the group known for taking part in brawls across the country. The Proud Boys' founder even said in 2017 that he considered naming Chapman president of the entire organization.

But that was while Trump was ascendant. Now, with the ultranationalist group scrambling in the wake of Trump's loss, Chapman is threatening a putsch to make the Proud Boys even more explicitly hateful, accusing the group's current leadership of being too soft.

Chapman, who did not return a request for comment,
"Due to the recent failure of Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio to conduct himself with honor and courage on the battlefield, it has been decided that I Kyle Chapman reassume my post as President of Proud Boys effective immediately," he wrote on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. "Our logo will forthwith be changed to reflect the core beliefs of Proud Boy members. Going forward we will now be known as PROUD GOYS. The coup is complete. The grifting leaders have been deposed.

The announcement carried on in racist terms, claiming the organization's new direction would be more explicitly white supremacist, and (unlike the current group) opposed to gay members. (The proposed group's name, the Proud Goys, was a nod to anti-Semites' embrace of the word "goy," which is Yiddish for a non-Jewish person.)

Enrique Tarrio, the current head of the Proud Boys, told The Daily Beast the putsch wasn't going to succeed. And indeed, Chapman's standing in the group has fallen since its peak several years ago.

Still, his announcement hinted at recent upsets in Proud Boy circles, as well as a bigoted tendency that keeps surfacing among Proud Boys despite the group's insistence that they're not racist."

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