Nov 17, 2020

Former false prophets lift lid on how cult churches operate in SA

Chulumanco Mahamba
November 17, 2020

Johannesburg - Former false prophets have lifted the lid on how allegedly cult churches operate in South Africa, including allegations of hoax miracles to mentally captured and financially abused congregants.

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) hosted hearing investigations in Braamfontein on Monday.

During the hearing, former prophets and apostles from alleged cult churches gave insight into how congregants were mentally captured and financially abused, where former false prophet Jay Israel told the commission most miracles performed on television by prophets were stage managed. Israel was the pastor of Spirit Life Mega Church in East London.

Israel, who said he was close to Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) pastor Alph Lukau, alleged that the wheelchair “miracles” performed in the chair and his church were performed by people who were allegedly paid to act sick.

“Everything that happens is done to make sure that people believe that these people are men of God and when you believe that they are men of God, whatever they tell you to do they will do it,” he said.

“I can find all the scriptures to support that fact every month, that you must give me money and I would use these scriptures to make sure that if you don’t give me money, you would feel like you are going to hell,” he said.

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