Nov 11, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/11/2020

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New study suggests that drop-out rate partly explains sector's violations of virus regulations; researcher warns country must tackle 'alienation and marginalization' that leads many who leave their Haredi lives to end up on streets.

"Many young members of the Haredi community in Israel are abandoning the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle in favor of living on the margins of society, while the drop-out rate in religious Jewish schools is three times higher than that of state-run institutions, a new study finds.

The study was conducted on behalf of the Israel Democracy Institute and included 38 in-depth interviews with the heads of yeshivas and ultra-Orthodox associations and organizations, and education and welfare officials.

According to a number of rabbis and ultra-Orthodox parents who took part in the study, there is an unprecedented number of young people abandoning the community, an issue that was prevalent in the sector even before the pandemic began."

"A Burlington County youth pastor is behind bars after he's accused of having boys send him nude pictures and videos on social media. Prosecutors say 30-year-old Sean Higgins pretended to be a teenage girl on Snapchat and Instagram in order to get the pictures and videos.

Higgins is the youth pastor at Harbor Baptist Church and is a teacher at the Harbor Baptist Academy."
" ... In the first few minutes of the Starz series, we saw one of The Vow's primary characters, Mark Vicente, preparing to film Raniere for a NXIVM video. While I was not one of those who found The Vow to be too long or drawn out, the territory felt so familiar that I turned it off; I'd had enough of NXIVM's horrors for now. I was encouraged to watch by fellow TV critic Tara Bennett, and I'm glad I did. The Vow is, for me, still a superior unscripted TV show, but Seduced broadens its lens and fills in details, constructing a fuller picture of Keith Raniere and the damage he did via NXIVM."

"The lure of an otherworldly connection or a promise of a better way of life can be intoxicating. So much so that those who do drink it all up can lose themselves in the pursuit. And the rest of us are fascinated by it. Take the recent HBO documentary series, "The Vow," about the pyramid scheming, self-helpy, abusive sex cult that attracted wealthy finance sector types, actors and socialites among others. If you were watching, you must be asking—how and why?

Now that season one is over, you can still be transfixed by listening to one of ... five podcasts, released this year, delving deep into the world of cults, possessions, and ecstatic enlightenment to answer these questions and quench your curiosity, without having to attend an introductory meeting.
CBC Podcasts Uncover: Season 6: Satanic Panic
" ... The thought of a satanic cult preying on children would incite terror in anyone with a pulse, whether you believe or not. For some reason, throughout the 80's, it was widely believed that satanic cults were active across North America, though to this day, after hundreds of allegations, nothing has been proven. But, that didn't stop the phenomenon known as the Martensville Nightmare. In the early 90's in Martensville, Saskatchewan an investigation into allegations of sexual assault at a daycare evolved into something far more disturbing—reports of ritualistic satanic activity involving the sexual abuse and torture of children. Thirty years later, host Lisa Bryn Rundle, guides listeners through the madness that took over Martensville. Over seven episodes she speaks to investigators, reporters and community members to understand the strange happenings circulating around the investigation that included the implication of some police officers and ultimately fracturing the once seemingly close-knit town. She also asks 'why some people still believe, until today.'"

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