Nov 25, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 11/23/2020 (World Mission Society Church Of God, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Faith Healing, UK, Bountiful, Polygamy, Book, Canada)

World Mission Society Church Of God, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Faith Healing, UK, Bountiful, Polygamy, Book, Canada

"The WMSCOG (the mother god cult) is a group that has a record of splitting up families and disrupting relationships. Jordan shares some encouragement for those of you who have experienced losing a friend or family member to this group and also some tips on how to talk with them."

Clergy Sexual Abuse as a Betrayal Trauma: Institutional Betrayal & A Call for Courageous Response
" ... A robust body of literature exists for child abuse as a betrayal trauma, with a long-term sequela of consequences for victims, while being a significant social and public health concern. Less widely known are the impacts of clergy sexual abuse as a betrayal trauma and a unique spiritual wound. Betrayal trauma theory and institutional betrayal is explored in relation to clergy sexual abuse in the context of American religious landscape. Institutional betrayal is postulated to be an exacerbator of betrayal trauma for clergy sexual abuse victims. Individual and institutional factors for religious betrayal trauma and institutional betrayal are discussed. Recommendations for individual and institutional change and a call for courage on both fronts are made."

The vulnerable woman lost £100,000 to the criminal who's now on the run

"A Derby woman says her life has been "devastated" by being scammed by a faith healer.

The woman from Chellaston, who has asked not to be named, says she was targeted by a manipulative fraudster when she was at her most vulnerable.

The 53-year-old had contacted a man who claimed he could help with her husband's serious medical conditions through rituals and black magic. Among the services he offered was crocodile sacrifice that he claimed would help solve his victim's problems.

Instead, he turned out to be Abdoulie Gassama, a con artist who scammed her out of more than £100,000 of life savings, leaving her financially ruined in just four months."

"Jane Blackmore was gaunt with the hollow eyes of a refugee sitting huddled in a restaurant booth when we first met in 2004.

The ex-wife of Bountiful's once-powerful bishop, Winston Blackmore, Jane still looked the part of a fundamentalist Mormon wife in a pioneer-styled dress with her hair swooped up from her face and braided in the back.

A registered nurse and midwife, she'd fled the community with her youngest daughter. She wanted to protect her from being placed in a religious marriage before her 18th birthday, as had already happened to Jane's other two daughters.

Over the years, Jane has remained a reluctant, but powerful voice for change in the polygamous community, always insisting that education is key.

So, it was with interest and some dismay that I read Mary Jayne Blackmore's recently released book, Balancing Bountiful: What I Learned About Feminism from My Polygamist Grandmothers.

Mary Jayne has a unique perspective on Bountiful. She's one of the daughters Jane was forced to leave behind.

Now 37, she's disavowed fundamentalist Mormonism even though she is principal of Mormon Hills School — an independent school overseen by her father with just over 100 students that last year received $602,023 in government grants.

She also ran for mayor of Creston in 2018, not 2019 as the book's biography says, finishing a distant third to the incumbent.

As the fifth of the polygamous leader's 150 children, Blackmore writes that she grew up "in the glory days of Bountiful."

Her golden-hued memories of ponies, pet lambs and a loving, tight-knit community are only briefly derailed with mentions of darker events — a cousin jailed for sexually abusing his sister and the rapidly increasing number of her father's wives startlingly close to her in age."

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