Mar 4, 2022



"We are a non-governmental entity, without any political, philosophical or religious affiliation.

Many of its components have spent several decades fighting for the dignity of people, kidnapped in their freedom by groups called SECTS, but which currently seems better to us to call them, generically COERCTIVE GROUPS. In this sense, we frame groups from fundamentalist fields, both at a philosophical, religious or political level in some cases.

On the other hand and in an increasingly growing way, new subtle forms of mental control and psychological manipulation have been established in our Spanish society. From the so-called Risk Groups for our health that act in the fields of psychology, medicine and of health in general. Without any accreditation and professionalism that protects their users. Taking for good methods of dubious efficacy and without any scientific evidence. Also taking advantage of the tremendous economic crisis, companies flourish, with obvious dictatorial and submerged economic features. That they advocate "financial freedom" and that most of the time, are work procedures without rights, or privacy, with an excessive investment in time, own resources and totally helpless by the law."

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