Mar 21, 2022

Sarma Speaks: A ‘Bad Vegan’ Exclusive

A Little Bit Culty
Episode Eleven - Sarma Speaks: A ‘Bad Vegan’ Exclusive
March 21, 2022

" ... Melngailis seemed to be living the charmed life of a glamorous celebrity chef and foodie media darling. Her fancy pants raw food restaurant, Pure Food & Wine was adored by the glitterati, and her camera-ready image as the ‘Queen of Veganism,’ seemed poised to take her global. Then, circa 2015, Sarma vanished like a thief in the night. Literally. She disappeared, leaving a whole crowd of angry employees, landlords, and investors in the dust. Under investigation for a heaping bowl of fraud accusations, labor law violations, and a hefty tab of unpaid wages, with 2 million dollars drained from her restaurant accounts: Sarma the Celebrity Chef became Sarma the Runaway Fugitive overnight.How does someone go from being a Foodie ‘It Girl’ to the “vegan Bernie Madoff” ? It might have a little bit to do with a smooth operator who slid into her DMs and used next-level coercive control tactics to take over her life. Sarma’s story is chronicled in the Netflix true crime series “Bad Vegan”, by the producers of Tiger King, and she’s currently at work on her highly-anticipated memoir."

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