Mar 21, 2022

ICSA Annual Conference: Simplifying Coercive Control for Systemic Change: The PsychoSocial Quicksand Model

Kate Amber
ICSA Annual Conference: Simplifying Coercive Control for Systemic Change: The PsychoSocial Quicksand Model™

Kate Amber
Friday, June 24, 2022
11:00 AM-11:50 AM

Despite decades of effort and billions of dollars spent every year to end coercion and abuse in its many forms, society is still facing growing numbers of victims. The invisible nature of coercive control combined with our system’s failure to identify, intervene and prevent it, have led to ineffective solutions and countless lives devastated and/or lost. Although complex and nuanced, the elements of coercive control can be taught, and systems can be trained to more effectively detect, intervene in and prevent it. 

Kate Amber, cult and domestic abuse survivor, certified in Executive Leadership in Violence and Abuse Prevention, ADA Advocacy and The Psychology of Coercive Control, is the Founder/CEO of End Coercive Control USA (ECCUSA). Through ECCUSA, Kate is using her story to raise awareness and educate professionals on coercive control. ECCUSA’s PsychoSocial Quicksand Model™ identifies coercive control in the perpetrator’s behavior and within system policies and practices that harm adult and child victims. ECCUSA collaborates with survivors, organizations and professionals to create innovative solutions that transform traumatizing policies and practices into successful, healing ones, making survivors, employees and organizations stronger and healthier in the process. 

Through personal stories and engaging images, this presentation illuminates the distortions that are holding us back from ending coercive control, and simplifies the strategy and tactics coercive controllers use, so that we can identify it, hold perpetrators accountable, and protect victims now and in the future. The PsychoSocial Quicksand Model™ offers real solutions for addressing systemic failures in a way that offers collective societal hope and transformation.

Kate Amber

Founder/CEO, End Coercive Control USA 

Kate Amber is a cult, kidnapping, sexual assault, trafficking and adult and child survivor of domestic abuse. She is certified in Executive Leadership by the University of Pennsylvania's Ortner Center of Violence and Abuse Prevention. She is also a certified in The Psychology of Coercive Control by The University of Salford and is a Certified ADA Advocate in the US. Kate founded End Coercive Control USA (ECCUSA) to help educate and transform the systems designed to assist victim/survivors of coercive control, with the mission of returning to them their dignity, agency and freedom. Kate is a speaker, consultant, trainer, writer and expert witness on domestic abuse, extremist groups and coercive control. 

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