Mar 18, 2022

Toronto Sun: Psychics scammed $160Gs from heartbroken woman to vanquish evil spirit: Lawsuit

Eddie Chau
Toronto Sun
March 17, 2022

Two psychics are being sued by the unidentified 27-year-old for fraud, deceptive practices and related claims after they promised her they would rid an evil spirit from within her and bring her back together with an ex-boyfriend. 

According to the New York Post, the mother-daughter psychic team of Honeybee and Megan Green told the woman they would kill the “unholy sexual spirit” that lived within her groin area as a result of being sexually assaulted as an infant, court documents state. 

The ordeal began on Oct. 28, 2021 when the victim visited Readings by Honeybee in New York City’s East Village for a $50 tarot card reading, looking for a more positive life after a breakup. 

Court documents noted Megan convinced the heartbroken woman to stay at the shop overnight for an additional $200 for a meditative reading. The following day, Honeybee and Megan told the woman she was cursed with a “jezebel spirit” that will ruin any chances of future romances unless it was killed. 

The lawsuit claims the reading left the lovelorn woman fearful of her own mental and physical well-being. 

Over the next three months, the Greens allegedly preyed on the victim’s broken heart and milked her wallet in the process via their bogus healing services. 

The victim was charged $5,700 for services in November. The duo then allegedly asked the woman to shell out an additional $27,000 after telling her the “spirit was getting stronger.” 

The Greens then allegedly asked for $120,000 more after claiming they would help her get back with her former flame. The mother and daughter told the victim the cash would go towards “spiritual armour.” 

The woman finally suspected a scam after Honeybee allegedly asked her to buy $4,000 worth of Disney gift cards, which she claimed she would melt in a special potion. 

The woman confronted the Greens and demanded the return of her money, with Honeybee and Megan only offering to repay half of the $160,000. 

The Disney gift cards were returned to the victim, the lawsuit states. 

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