Apr 28, 2024

The Secret of the Mantras

The Secret of the Mantras
Richard Blakely 

Fleeing the country in its headlong rush to war in Vietnam, a young American drops out of school and goes to Paris to write. After a year and a half, he realizes that if you have to work to live there, Paris is a lot like any other city, except that it’s full of Americans who came there to write. One night he and a friend go to the Paris Hilton to attend a lecture on a “great new movement that is sweeping the world.” A month later the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invites him to India to attend a three-month teacher-training course on Transcendental Meditation.

" ... That morning started out like all the others, with her talking and him listening and sometimes asking questions but then there was a long silence, and after a while Maharishi asked Birgitta to get up and shut the door behind her.  He had never asked her to do that before, but she didn’t think much about it except that maybe he had something confidential to tell her and he wanted to make sure no one would overhear.  So she got up and shut the door and sat back down in front of him and after she was settled comfortably on the mat he asked her if she would do something for him.  Birgitta said the question took her by surprise because she’d never thought of her being able to do anything for him, it was always the other way around, so she said sure she would love to do something for him for a change and what could it be and he said take off her shirt.  He said he would like to see her naked---well, from the waist up at least.  She said she hesitated for a few seconds and then said of course, why not, one should never feel ashamed of one’s body.

 “Especially you,” I said.
 Birgitta blushed and looked down at her hands in her lap.
 “And so?”
 “Well of course, what do you expect?  I took off my shirt.”
 “And your bra.”
 “I was not wearing one.”
 “That’s right.  I remember.  And so?”
 “And so I sat there like that, and at first he just laughed and waved his head, you know?  And said I was so beautiful.”
 “How did you feel?”
 She was still looking down at her hands.  For a while she said nothing but then she bit her lower lip and said, “Honestly, I felt…  well, I would say I felt both excited and… ashamed.”
 “Ashamed.  Why?”
 “I don’t know.  It’s strange, I never felt that before, but I felt like I wanted to cover myself, with my arms.  You know?”
 “Yeah,” I said. 
 It suddenly seemed to me that this was none of my business.  I had no right to know what happened next, and was not sure I wanted to. 
 “Do you want to go on?” I asked.
 “Of course.  I don’t mind.  I want you to know this.”  She shifted her position, bringing her legs up underneath her on the bed and tucking them in and pulling the little robe around her shoulders.  I thought the robe must have been something her mother had given her when she was very young.  It was that old.  
 “After a while he asked me to move closer,” she said.  “And then closer still.  And then…” she shook her head and smiled, “Rikard it was so funny.”
 “With both his hands he reached forward and held my, my…”
 “Your boobs.”
 “Yes.  And then he shook them.  Just shook them back and forth.  No one has ever done this to me and it felt so strange and so silly that I almost burst out laughing.”
 “And then?”
 “Then he stopped and leaned back again and said he was tired.”
 “Yes.  I guess the psychic energy.”
 “Oh yeah.  And then?”
 “And then he well, kind of pulled his shawl off his sholders and lay down on his back.”
 “On the bed.  With you just sitting there.”
 “Yeah, well, so did he, was he…?”
 “Ja.  I think so.  He was,… how do you say?”
 “He had a hard on.”
 She giggled.  “Well, at least I think so.”
 “You don’t know?”
 “I couldn’t tell for sure.  His dhoti was all around him, and I didn’t really want to… to look, you know?”
 “Yeah, right.  But then you…”
 “No what?”
 “You think I did him a blow job?”
 It was an expression I had taught her.  One of the first.
 “Well didn’t you?”
 “So what did you do?”
 “I just…  After a while I just put on my shirt again and said goodbye and left.”
You all would find this book interesting: https://amzn.to/49XpHIB. The Secret of the Mantras. There are some interesting stories in it about one of the early TTCs, including that all initiators were given just one mantra to initiate with, and a story about MMY asking the author's girlfriend to remove her blouse, then to come closer, and the wiggling her breasts back and forth as though he were playing with a couple of water balloons. Then lying down and inviting her to join him, but she put her blouse back on and left. Later on he asked her to stay behind and be his partner, and that the was going to retire from teaching."


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