Jun 30, 2024

Cult Media Messaging: Sharing Your Story While Taking Care of Yourself

ICSA Conference Session Highlight: "Cult Media Messaging: Sharing Your Story While Taking Care of Yourself." - Dhyana Levey

Most of the tracks are online  and will be broadcast over the Whova app.

People who have left cults are sometimes approached by members of the media to discuss their experiences. Participating can have upsides and downsides. Asserting yourself and owning your story can feel good and you can also alert people to a problematic group or experience that they should stay away from. In addition, you are also supporting other victims and validating their experiences, encouraging others to come forward, which could lead to justice for those harmed. However, going public also puts you in a vulnerable position. It can be embarrassing, and you don’t know what information will end up making it into the public. Others who disagree with you can get mad, accuse you of lying and even threaten litigation. Let’s talk about why you would or wouldn’t want to share your story with a reporter, filmmaker, podcaster, author or other media creator after leaving a high-demand group you experienced. What should you watch out for? What important aspects of this interaction should you keep in mind if you choose to go forward? Why might the journalist have to operate by certain rules? How do you take care of yourself? Get tips from a long-time journalist and podcaster who also grew up in a cult and is sympathetic to both sides of this equation.

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