Feb 12, 2017


Watch Moonchild

by Carlson, Chris, 1952-; Pyramid Film & Video
Directed and produced by Ann Makepeace
Published 1981

Run time 0:50:38
Producer Carlson, Chris, 1952-
Production Company Santa Monica, CA : Pyramid Film & Video

The film is 36 years old now but I have just watched it for the first time as had never heard of it before. I have seen a similar movie - Ticket to Heaven - which deals with the same subject and is also quite good but I feel not quite as authentic as this one, which was made by ex-moonies who know the subject firsthand. For a film made by non-professional actors I was surprised at how good it is. - I was a moonie myself in Boonville and San Francisco just a little earlier than the period shown in this film, and I remained a follower of Moon much longer than the people in the film -- so I know the subject quite well, too. The only part I really don't know is the deprogramming. I never experienced that but instead lost faith gradually. 


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