Feb 17, 2017

What is on the Moon?

The purpose of the Amrine group

I know a man who was blessed by SMM to women who is now in the Amrine group. The purpose of the Amrine group is to “save” the True family. They have made it their goal in life to save the messianic true family. Praying is just one of the conditions they use to save the TF. Another is that all the Korean wives (Amrine group is only made up of Korean women) of the Amrine group absolutely stop having sex with their spouses. In some cases they have not had sexual intercourse with their husbands for 10 or more years as a condition to “save the true family”. And they have all moved back to Korea, leaving their husbands and children behind. In some, if not all cases, they refuse to even talk to their husbands or blessed children as a condition to separate from Satan so they can “save the True Family”. In the real world we call what they are doing “abandonment”. That should come as no surprise to anyone since neglecting ones children is exactly what Mr. and Mrs. SMM did to their own children. (and it worked so well for the Moon family…..really?)


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