May 26, 2018

A-listers line up to meet famed yoga guru in Central Park

Page Six

May 25, 2018

New York society is flocking to a new guru.

We’re told socialite Hannah Bronfman, Anna and Andrew Chapman, music mogul Jason Flom and fashion insider Kelly Cutrone among others, have all pilgrimaged to Central Park to meet Sadhguru — as he refuses to meet his supplicants in office buildings.

It being 2018, the Indian mystic is also a YouTube star, naturally, with 1.2 million followers.
We’re told the group sought answers on everything from the global plastic waste crisis to bringing yoga into prisons.
Sadhguru is the author of “Inner Engineering” and has spoken for groups of up to 100,000 people.
He’s in the US as part of his mission to get 4.5 billion people to do yoga.

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