May 5, 2018

'Cults & Extreme Belief': A&E Investigates To Focus On NXIVM In Series Premiere

Denise Petski
May 4, 2018

A&E Investigates will look at the so-called self help group NXIVM in the series premiere of Cults and Extreme Belief, hosted by Elizabeth Vargas. The organization has been making headlines in recent weeks with the arrest of its leader Keith Raniere and one of his top lieutenants, Smallville actress Allison Mack, on charges of sex trafficking and other crimes. The group has been called by prosecutors a sex cult that has been keeping women as “slaves,” and branding them with Raniere’s initials.

In the premiere, former members share their experiences of manipulation and sexual violation, including Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson (Psych, Edgemont) who sits down with Vargas to share new details of her ordeal inside the organization.

Additional organizations that will be explored in season 1 include Twelve Tribes, Sanctuary Church, United Nation of Islam, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witness and The Family.

Cults and Extreme Belief is produced for A&E Network by The Intellectual Property Corporation. Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman executive produce for IPC along with executive producer/showrunner Alex Weresow and executive producer Rachelle Mendez. The series kicks off with a two-night premiere on Monday, May 28 and Tuesday May 29 at 10 PM on A&E.

You can watch a trailer above.

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