May 2, 2018

Indore: 25 private universities come up in last 7 years in Madhya Pradesh  

Atul Gautam
The Free Press Journal
April 26, 2018

Indore: With government relaxing rules for setting up private universities, the business of awarding degrees has mushroomed in the state. Madhya Pradesh, which had only one private university till 2009, has 26 private universities at present. “About 25 private universities came up in last seven years,” ex-registrar of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, R D Musalgaonkar, said.

In comparison, two government universities were set up in MP in last seven years. They include Sanchi Vishwavidyalaya and Hindi Vishwavidyalaya. In all, there are 24 government universities in the state, which include two central universities.

According to Musalgaonkar, all one needs is 30-acre land to set up a private university. “If you have the land and building on it, you can obtain permission from state government to run a private university,” he said. The government does not check whether the institute has library, laboratories and required number of teachers while granting it the status of private university.

The state’s first private university was established in Jabalpur in 1995 and is called Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya. At that time, the rules for setting up private universities were strict to the extent that no other private player could set up a university in MP for next 25 years.

In 2010, the state government relaxed rules after which the private players made a beeline to set up universities. According to information, three private universities were setup in MP in 2010 followed by six in 2011, two in 2013, one in 2014, five in 2015, four in 2016 and three in 2017.

With 8 private varsities, Indore is leader

The city has the maximum number of private universities in MP. As per UGC website, the state’s commercial capital has a total of eight private universities followed by Bhopal, which has seven universities. At national level, MP stands fourth with maximum number of private universities. Rajasthan has 46 private universities, which is highest in the country. It is followed by 30 in Gujarat and 29 in Uttar Pradesh.

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