Jun 14, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: “AR15 Pastor” releases Rod of Iron Kingdom book

June 14, 2018

“True faith in God is not a fairy tale world of delusion. The Rod of Iron Kingdom is where every citizen has the right and the responsibility to defend their family and neighbor.” This is the basic thesis of Rod of Iron Kingdom, a newly released book by Pastor Sean Moon, the youngest son and anointed heir of the late Sun Myung Moon.

Sean Moon is the pastor of the Sanctuary Church, or Unification Sanctuary based in Newfoundland, PA. which received considerable publicity in February of this year when it sponsored a marriage blessing where participants brought their AR 15 rifles. In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting this caused a lot of controversy, but for Pastor Sean, the ARs represent the sovereignty of the co-heirs of Christ and their right and duty to protect the lives of loved ones in their families and community.
“We’ve already seen throughout history what happens when central governments control all the firearms. In the last century, 260 million people were murdered by their own (evil) governments.”
Based on 16 sermons given over the past year, chapters such as the “Civil War in the Western World” and “The Challenge of Political Islam” and the “Leftist Fascist Threat to Democracy” explain how secular and anti-Christian ideologies threaten America’s survival far more than any foreign invader.
Rev. Moon uses facts seldom reported in mainstream media. Average American citizens use firearms in self-defense 2 million times per year, or 5,400 times per day. Pastor Moon writes that the “greatest love is not to call 911 and wait for someone else to do something!” Since it is impossible for the police to always arrive in time to stop criminals, when citizens are properly armed and trained even the elderly or small in stature can prevent or reduce violence. To cite just one of many examples, the church shooting in Sutherland County, Texas, was stopped by a citizen with an AR-15, thus preventing further innocent bloodshed.
Had Aaron Feis, the football coach who lost his life protecting students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, been armed, he could have saved many more lives, including his own.
Rod of Iron Kingdom is available at RodofIronMinistries.org or at Amazon.com.


Regis Hanna
Media Coordinator, Sanctuary Church
(570) 618-0367

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