Jun 1, 2018

Investigation Finds Children Working in Factory Packaging Beauty Products Sold at Major Retailers

Inside Edition Staff
May 31, 2018


American children have been found working in a factory packaging soaps and beauty products sold by major retail chains, an Inside Edition investigation has found.

In the investigation, which will air in full Friday, Inside Edition goes inside the Twelve Tribes community.

An Inside Edition producer went undercover at their commune in Cambridge, N.Y., and was allowed to access the property, where she found children working in the field.

One 6-year-old boy was picking potatoes and trying his best to handle a wheelbarrow.

Hidden cameras captured an 11-year-old girl working on a factory assembly line. We also found a 9-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl who worked in the factory.

The children package products for major brands like Acure and Savannah Bee, which are sold at well-known chain stores, including Amazon, Whole Foods, Target and Walmart.

In addition, a member also explained the methods used to keep their children under control.

"If a child isn't under control, they can't be taught," the member said. "It takes training. It takes the rod of authorities. It takes them being disciplined and spanked when they're not obedient."

The group denies they use child labor or abuse their children.

Savannah Bee said it opposes child labor and it received confirmation from its manufacturers that it follows all labor regulations. Acure told Inside Edition the allegations are "abhorrent" and it has now stopped doing business with the factory. Target is looking into what we found. Wal-Mart said they have blocked the Acure product from its website while they investigate. Amazon and Whole Foods had no comment.

Tune in to Inside Edition to see what happens when we catch up with one of the group's leaders. Check here for local listings.


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