Jun 16, 2019

ICSA Preconference Workshop: Families

ICSA 2019 Annual International Conference

ICSA 2019 Annual International Conference
  • Holiday Inn Manchester City Centre, 25 Aytoun Street , Manchester, M1 3AE, United Kingdom 
  • July 4-6, 2019 

Preconference Workshops, July 3, 2019
  • Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Facilitator: Patrick Ryan; Joseph Kelly

Workshop Abstract: Building Bridges; Leaving and Recovering from Cultic Groups and Relationships: A Workshop for Families  (Rachel Bernstein, Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Joseph Kelly, Patrick Ryan)
This workshop will explore our experiences and the insights we have gained, over the past thirty-four years of exit and recovery practices. We will offer suggestions of how our approach may be helpful when addressing coercive control, abuse and persuasion in domestic and familial settings, human trafficking, and gangs, and in radicalization, extremist groups, and cults/sects.
Topics discussed include: assessing a family’s unique situation; understanding why people join and leave groups; considering the nature of psychological manipulation and abuse; being accurate, objective, and up-to-date; looking at ethical issues; learning how to assess your situation; developing problem-solving skills; formulating a helping strategy; learning how to communicate more effectively with your loved one; learning new ways of coping.

Aspects of Cult Recovery Research That may be Helpful to Families  (Gillie Jenkinson)

In this session, Gillie will explore some of the findings from her doctoral research (2016) and particularly the leaving phase (Phase One: The need to leave physically and psychologically). Gillie will explore what she learned from her former member research participants; that members/former members, at the point of considering leaving, need to ‘think the unthinkable thought’ and face doubts; to ‘call a cult a cult’; and to ‘unmask the cult leader’ to progress to ‘recovery’ and moving on to Phases Two-Four (which will not be discussed in this session).

This session will be both didactic and interactive.

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