Jun 16, 2019

IndoctriNation: A weekly podcast covering cults, manipulators, and protecting yourself from systems of control

IndoctriNation: A weekly podcast covering cults, manipulators, and protecting yourself from systems of control
Rachel Bernstein, LMFT has been working with victims of cults and emotional abusers for 27 years. Given the right set of circumstances, it's all too easy for anyone to fall prey to sociopaths and manipulators.

"I wanted to start a show that gives survivors a chance to tell their stories and for experts to teach us what they know. My goal for IndoctriNation is to empower our listeners to protect themselves and those they love from predators, toxic personalities, and destructive organizations".

New episodes every Wednesday.
To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine w/ Chanon Bloch - S3E13pt2
"This episode, titled after the Alexander Pope quote, is a small component to a deeply thought out response from Chanon Bloch and Rachel. After receiving large amounts of both positive and negative comments, the two respond to the backlash of their first episode (link below) by pointing out that this is precisely how a majority can continue to remain indoctrinated.
Using South Africa's apartheid as his personal example, Chanon opened up a few weeks ago and challenged listeners to examine their own biases and behavior. Challenging thoughts by nature are not easy to accept, and are easily confused as a threat. He believes indoctrinated prejudice is a force that must be conquered in order to fully hold ourselves accountable; breaking and ending biased views instead of allowing them to manifest a new form."

  • Polyamory Problem-Solving w/ Eve Rickert - S3E14pt2
  • Problematic Polyamory w/ Eve Rickert - S3E14pt1
  • National Racism and Fear w/ Chanon Bloch - S3E13
  • If Hubbard Didn't Write It, It's Not True w/ Joey Chait - S3E12pt2
  • Crossing the Bridge w/ Joey Chait, ex-Scientologist - S3E12pt1
  • Charisma over Content w/ Ron Burks, The Gold Coast Covenant Church - S3E11pt2
  • Accepting Your Deception - Ron Burks & Gold Coast Covenant Church - S3E11pt1
  • ONE YEAR Call-In Anniversary Show - S3E10
  • Faced Away From the Family - Phil & Willie Jones' Billboard - S3E9
  • A Hamster Wheel of Self-Help w/Matthew Remski - S3E8pt2
  • Wounds Are A Kind Of Ink. w/ Matthew Remski - S3E8pt1
  • Admit You're Wrong, Then We'll Get Along w/ Dan Shaw - S3E7pt2
  • Emotional Vampires - Narcissists and Cult Leaders in Relationships w/ Dan Shaw - S3E7pt1
  • I Was Best Friends with the Messiah's Children w/ Lisa Kohn - S3E6
  • Some Kind Of Magic Path To Healing w/ Jolie Holland - S3E5pt2
  • "If It's Not Witness Brand Truth, It's Garbage" w/ Jolie Holland - S3E5pt1
  • All Basic Human Privilege Was Taken From Us w/ Nick Gaglia - S3E4pt2
  • If You Leave, You're Going To Die w/ Nick Gaglia - S3E4pt1
  • A Well Oiled Machine of Manipulation w/ Kim & David Atkins - S3E3pt2
  • It's God's Will That Our Girlfriends Should Become His w/ Kim & David Atkins - S3E3pt1
  • There Was Never Really Any Love w/ Donna Andersen - S3E2
  • A Bond That Was Life-Saving w/ Cynthia Lilley and Cathryn Mazer - S3E1pt2
  • Whisked Away By The Moonies w/ Cynthia Lilley and Cathryn Mazer - S3E1pt1
  • A Matter of Conscience w/ Wesley David Ringel S2E14
  • Welcome To Your New Family w/ Karen - S2E13
  • Guilt & Shame & Love & Fear w/ Dr. Janja Lalich - S2E12pt2
  • The Cookie Cutter Messiah School w/ Dr. Janja Lalich - S2E12pt1
  • I Have To Ask You Before I Talk To My Son? w/ Daniel O'Brien - S2E11
  • To The Finish Line w/ Nathan Rich - S2E9pt4
  • What Kept Me Going w/ Nathan Rich - S2E9pt3
  • You Can't Just Open Up A Brain & Wash It w/ Eileen Barker, Officer of the British Empire - S2E10
  • The One Billion Year Contract w/ Nathan Rich - S2E9pt2
  • Third Generation Scientology w/ Nathan Rich - S2E9pt1
  • Mind Control, Hypnosis, & Undue Influence w/ Professor Alan Scheflin - S2E8
  • They're Trying to Deprogram You! w/ Robert & Alexandra Menna - S2E7pt2
  • Denying Your Intuition w/ Robert & Alexandra Menna - S2E7pt1
  • The Mind Puppets of the Ascended Master w/ Joe Szimhart - S2E6
  • Maybe Jesus Isn't Coming Back Next Tuesday w/ Andie Redwine - S2E5
  • Escape From NXIVM w/ Catherine Oxenberg - S2E4
  • The Commune Kid w/ Dhyana Levey - S2E3
  • The Shroud of Turin In My Toast w/ Yuval Laor - S2E2pt2
  • Fervor & Awe w/ Dr. Yuval Laor - S2E2pt1
  • Home Invasion - S2E1
  • Scientology's Belly Of The Beast w/ Tony Ortega - S1E15
  • The Ripple Effect w/ Hoyt Richards - S1E14
  • The Preventative Approach w/ Jon Atack - S1E13pt2
  • Hovering Over The Room w/ Jon Atack - S1E13pt1
  • Gangs and Families w/ Adrian Reveles - S1E12
  • An "Inherently Flawed, Bad Woman"? w/ Rebecca Leon - S1E11
  • God's Bride w/ Rachel Neverdal - S1E10
  • I Met My Cult Leader At the Beach w/ Hoyt Richards - S1E9pt1
  • The Scientology Truman Show w/ Tory "Magoo" Christman - S1E8
  • The Hidden World of Jehovah's Witnesses w/ Tony DuShane - S1E7
  • Narcissistic Seduction and Manipulation w/ Donna Andersen & Sophie - S1E6
  • For the Love Of Maharishi: Trapped in Nirvana w/ Pat Ryan - S1E5pt2
  • For the Love Of Maharishi: Learning to Fly w/ Joe Kelly - S1E5pt1
  • Prisoner of the Mind w/ Chris Shelton - S1E4
  • The Euphoria of Belief w/ James Underdown - S1E3
  • The Secret Family History of L. Ron Hubbard w/ Jamie DeWolf - S1E2
  • Life After Jonestown w/ Patricia Ryan - S1E1


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