Aug 5, 2019

CultNEWS101 Articles: 8/5/2019

Psychics, Scientology, Hate Groups, Jehovah's Witness  

" ... A New Zealand psychic doctor is under fire in the UK as she claims "ghost doctors" can heal pain from conditions such as arthritis.

Jeanette Wilson, who is based in Auckland, is on a speaking tour of the UK and has more than 35 events booked.

But her claims have raised fears she is providing false hope to sick people."

" ... Michael Marshall, project director at the UK's Good Thinking Society, told the newspaper he was concerned vulnerable and sick people faced having time and money wasted.

"Those patients could be convinced to believe that the solution to their health problems lies not in the advice of their doctors or any qualified medical professional, but in the healing powers Ms Wilson claims to have and the expensive products she sells."

"Speaking at the Comic-Con Preacher panel on Friday night, executive producer Seth Rogen revealed that AMC was less than thrilled about depicting the death of Tom Cruise in the pilot of the comic book adaptation. The episode contained a news report in which, after being possessed by a supernatural entity, the Top Gun actor explodes while overseeing a Scientology event.

"The most push back we got was — in the pilot, we blow up Tom Cruise," said Rogen when he was asked by an audience member if AMC had ever refused to allow the creative team to include something in the show. "They really pushed back hard and were like, 'We don't think you can do this.' And I just kept saying, 'I think we can! I think we can!' [They didn't] come into the editing room and hit the f—ing button…and one day it was on television! But I did get an angry phone call from Tom Cruise's representation."

"There is a troubling myth that gangs and extremist groups are made up of poor, disenfranchised kids from broken homes. My life is proof that the membership in these groups is made up of many more types of people: rich, poor, angry or people simply looking for somewhere to belong.

I am not poor, or from a broken home. I like to think I grew up with great privilege and had parental figures who were very involved with my upbringing.  I feel like I did it all as a kid: fishing, hockey, skateboarding, music.

The one thing that was missing, though, was that I felt I did not belong. I spent my teenage life seeking a place to belong. I tried raves, drugs, fighting, crime — you see a trend here. Everything I was trying to attach to was negative, my peer groups were into unsavoury activities from drug sales to car theft.

I was the skinny kid of the bunch and was never the toughest, but I was seeking a group that would accept me no matter what. So, in my late teens, I encountered a friend from my early criminal days who said he was a white power skinhead. That is when my life changed forever."
"Jake realised his educational and career options could be severely hampered if he stayed in the religious organisation.

"I'm good at art but Jehovah's Witness discourages higher education so I wasn't really geared for a career outside of the organisation," he said.

"It is only in the last few years I've figured out what I want to do, but I finally qualified my level 3 in electrical installation and I'm enjoying life in the world.

"Jehovah's Witnesses are conditioned to think that ordinary people are from Satan's world and that the world blinds you from the truth. The elders are also incredibly sexist.

"But I've always seen it the opposite way round and I've found a lot of "worldly" people much kinder and more Christian-like than many Jehovah's Witnesses although there are a few good people in the congregations."

Indeed, the reaction of the elders to Jake's desire to leave reinforced the belief he made the right decision.

"When I left at age 14-15 they told my mother to kick me out and shun me which happens to most leavers," he said, "which is why a lot of young people whose full family is in the religion are scared to leave."

" ... Thankfully, Jake's mum refused and he was also able to turn to friends and family outside the religious organisation to get through.

He believes it was a crucial decision which helped shape his future."

" ... Part of a gaslighter's strategy is to make you think you are not capable of functioning without her.  [They] will tell you that you are crazy, or that what you saw and heard "isn't really what happened."  By making you feel like you're unstable, you start relying on the gaslighter to give you the "correct" version of reality.  This manipulation assures the gaslighter that you will stay with [them] and continue feeding her narcissistic supply.  You may start to feel like you perceive things incorrectly.  Gaslighters will even hide your items and tell you that you are irresponsible and can't be trusted.   They tell you that you are crazy, that they told other people you're crazy, and that your friends and family think you're crazy."

" ... Gaslighters manipulate partners by telling them how wonderful their exes were, or by telling you that they could have anyone they wanted.  You start distrusting your friends, people that you meet, even strangers.  The gaslighter does "splitting" - pitting you against others, to isolate you from important people in your life.  One common gaslighter tactic is to tell you that your friend was flirtingwith him and that if you don't start treating the gaslighter with respect, it's he has other options.  Being told this makes you eye your friends suspiciously.  It even makes you look at people you don't know suspiciously.  A friendly person may be interpreted by you as flirting with the gaslighter because the gaslighter told you how many people want him.  Gaslighters/narcissists are also more likely to cheat, which adds to your distrust of others."

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