Aug 15, 2019

Press Release: Transcendental Meditation in Public Schools: Still A Violation of the First Amendment

CONTACT: Aryeh Siegel


Katie Couric recently hosted a fundraiser promoting the David Lynch Foundation. In a New York Post article on the fundraiser, Couric mentions that some New York public schools are about to start teaching TM. Couric may not know that teaching TM in public schools is illegal.

In 1977, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey ruled teaching TM in New Jersey public high schools a violation of the establishment clause of the first amendment. The Court

Although defendants have submitted well over 1500 pages of briefs, affidavits, and deposition testimony in opposing plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment, defendants have failed to raise the slightest doubt as to the facts or as to the religious nature of the teachings of the Science of Creative Intelligence (TM's sanitized version of Hinduism) and the puja.

Perhaps Couric should read a recent Chicago Tribune article about TM in the Chicago Pubic Schools.

The David Lynch Foundation’s sole purpose is to promote Transcendental Meditation (TM). A major priority for the Foundation is to teach TM to a million public school kids. The David Lynch Foundation has 60 full-time staff and an operating budget of $16 million.

The TM program in public schools is called "Quiet Time” and requires students to participate in the Hindu religious practice known as the puja. After the ceremony, the student receives a mantra that is the name of a Hindu deity. The teacher chants the puja in Sanskrit. A picture of Maharishi

Mahesh Yogi's guru is the centerpiece of an altar, surrounded by brass cups filled with camphor, rice, incense, and other items used by the instructor to make 17 offerings to the guru. Some
students at Bogan High School in Chicago reported that their initiation took place in a darkened room with the windows papered over. Students are told to keep everything they have seen and learned a secret, even from their parents. For the first time, quiet time student describe their

Aryeh Siegel, a former TM executive, wrote Transcendental Deception, which exposes the hidden world and hidden agendas of the enormously wealthy and highly secretive and bizarre,
TM organization. He describes TM as a poorly adapted form of Hinduism, a religion, yet falsely promoted to the public as secular. The book also exposes TM's scientific research as poorly
designed, biased, and vastly over-hyped.


Aryeh Siegel is available for interviews. Transcendental Deception is available on Amazon, and all online booksellers. For further information, visit or e-mail

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