Aug 2, 2019

Four wives of abusive Jewish cult leader form a political party

AUGUST 1, 2019

BACK in 2013, ultra-Orthodox Jewish singer and and performer Daniel Ambash, above, was sentenced to 26 years in jail in what has been described as one of the most shocking abuse cases in the Israel’s history.

The court heard that the polygamous cult leader and his assistants kept Ambash’s six wives and more than ten children in slavery conditions. They were forcibly confined and routinely punished with rape, electric shocks and beatings.

Ambash was back in the news last year when four of his wives polygamous demanded that Israel’s Prison Service grant them conjugal visits. The four claimed it was their “basic right” to meet Ambash and have more children with him. They said that they should be allowed to meet him both separately and together to “preserve the special nature” of their polygamous marriage.

The Prisons Service said in response:

An inmate is allowed to receive a conjugal visit from their permanent and publicly known partner. It should be remembered that such a visit is a benefit and not a right.

Polygamy was outlawed in Israel in 1977.

Yesterday it was reported that the wives – Azamra, Aderet, Ilana and Shiran – have banded together to form a new political party to fight government interference in citizens’ personal lives.

In 2011, police forces raided the homes of Ambash and his wives in Tiberias and Jerusalem and the children were removed from their homes by welfare authorities. Ambash’s appeal was denied in 2018 by the High Court.

The four still live under the same roof and their party aims to fight for the establishment of supervising bodies over authorities, change the judicial system and include juries in trials, and limit the powers of welfare workers to remove children from their homes.

Aderet, above, says the Kama Party that she heads has nothing to do with the punishment her husband is serving.

Many people struggle with the system, it’s a social problem and not a personal one.

Ambash was first exposed in 2011 after one of his wives spoke out about what was happening in the cult.

Following an investigation and a court case, he was convicted on 18 of the 20 charges against him in October 2013, including sexual offences, abuse of minors, incarceration and sadistic violence.

It was revealed at his trial that, on one occasion, Ambash took one of his wives outside the house, naked, in the middle of the night, and splashed water on her and dragged her by the hair. In another incident, he shoved the head of one of his wives into the toilet and flushed it as she suffocated.

He also raped one daughter while his whole family, including several children, looked on. He claimed it was:

Part of her duty in family life.

The Daniel Ambash website draws visitors’ attention to a 2017 documentary, Kangaroo Court, and says:

What is a ‘decent society?’ Do women, in the State of Israel, have the right to chose their own way of life? … This video raises important questions . It also denounces, with supporting evidence, a trial based on false testimonies violently instigated by the Israeli authorities (police, welfare, prosecutors) along with a media lynching.

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