Jan 12, 2020

Counsellor Training​: Recognising Spiritual Abuse: What is it, what should you look out for, what helps with recovery?

​​Hope Valley Counselling

This training event will provide an introduction to the issue of spiritual abuse and cults, a broad overview and understanding of the field, and resources for investigating the subject more fully.

  • We will explore the continuum from healthy to unhealthy spirituality; discuss what spiritual abuse is; and define spiritual abuse and cult.
  • We will explore the harm caused and how to recognise, in the consulting room, clients affected by spiritual abuse and cults.

  • We will explore what helps survivors of spiritual abuse to recover. Strategies that have been shown to help survivors, in research and clinical practice, will be discussed.

8 Feb 2020 – Exeter – South Street Baptist Church
7 March 2020 – York – St Bede’s Pastoral Centre
4 April 2020 – Manchester – Luther King House
9 May 2020 – London - Wesley’s Chapel

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