Jan 12, 2020

Manchester Coercive Control Survivor Support Group (Cults/Extremist Groups)

Manchester Coercive Control Survivor Support Group (Cults/Extremist Groups)
"Psycho-educational Support Group for those whom have been affected by a wide variety of cults or extremists groups."

Date And Time: January 28, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT
Location: Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 5DB, United Kingdom

The Family Survival Trust invites you to attend our Psycho-educational Support Group.

Our next meeting will be at 6.30-8.30pm on Tuesday 28th January 2020, in Manchester City Centre.
Please reply for more/address details. Exact will be comm to ticket holders on contact.

This group is open to people affected by a wide variety of cults (eg political, therapy, religious/spiritual, business, sports - among others) and extremist/exploitative groups.

A short educational presentation on a topic related to the psychology of coercive control will be the basis for sharing experiences and having reflective discussions. The session will be facilitated by those who have educational and/or personal experiences in this area, namely Charlie Kalra, Linda Dubrow-Marshall and Rod Dubrow-Marshall.

This is neither a therapy/counselling nor 'deprogramming' group, though often attendees report to have found it helpful, at an appropriate stage of their journey, with contextualising their experiences in abusive groups.

Hearing and sharing of experiences can be illuminating and validating, and at times also evocative and challenging.

When we meet we'll agree terms of confidentiality at the start of each session.

There's no obligation to say anything you don't want to.

You're free to attend without commitment and feedback is welcome.

A donation of £5 pounds would help to cover the cost of the venue; greater or lesser amounts are also welcome. Please do not feel obligated to do so if your circumstances do not allow it.

Confirmation of attendance will be appreciated to help us anticipate numbers for the venue.

For more details or if you'd like to be added to the mailing list for emails related to these meets please email thefamilysurvivaltrustuk@gmail.com"


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