Jan 7, 2020

CultNEWS101 Articles: 1/7/2020

NXIVM, Nithyananda, Narcissists, Jehovah's Witnesses  

"Ever since Serial, the investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, became a sensation in 2014, there's been an explosion of interest in the true-crime genre. Fascination over these kinds of stories was further buoyed by the success of the docuseries, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst and Making a Murderer, as well as the anniversary of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, which was revisited on the FX anthology series, American Crime Story. 

Several years later, there's no shortage of true-crime podcasts, television shows or books, capturing the attention of America and beyond with their unbelievably addictive stories, fascinating real-life characters and shocking twists. And this year proved to be no different, thanks to the headline-making Fyre Festival, a fraudulent event that was recounted in two competing documentaries, the Silicon Valley sensation Elizabeth Holmes, renewed interest in serial killers Charles Manson and Ted Bundy, the reckoning faced by some of the entertainment industry's most powerful men, as well as two actresses caught up in a college admissions scandal."

"There's a now notorious fake guru named Nithyananda who has fled recently from India because he was accused of rape by the authorities in Gujurat, a state in western India.  He has acquired an island from Ecuador.

His days playing God in India, mainly in Gujarat, were about to come to an end. The only surprise about this is how long he got away with his guru-status without being arrested for his sexual habits."

"One of the many ways society gaslights survivors of narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths is by telling victims who've encountered multiple predators that there must be some sort of mistake. Surely, it isn't possible to meet and be victimized so many toxic people, those without empathy or even worse, without a conscience? Aren't psychopaths and sociopaths supposed to be rare? There is usually an implication that if a survivor has been victimized many times, there must be something wrong with them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are the most common reasons why you may have been a target of multiple predatory people throughout your lifetime..."

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