Jan 7, 2020

Workshops for Former Members, Helping Professionals, and Families

 February 8, 2020

Workshop Day 1 -- Saturday, February 8th -- Recovery Issues After Leaving an Abusive Church. Workshops aimed towards addressing the specific needs of former Jehovah's Witnesses and others recovering from spiritual abuse. A variety of topics will be covered to help former members identify psychological challenges that may arise when they leave the faith.

Workshop Day 2 -- Sunday, February 9th -- Helpers That Abuse. An educational and recovery workshop focused on serving the needs of those who have experienced abusive therapies, large group awareness trainings, and abusive bootcamps.

Workshops are 9:30-5:30 on February 8th and 9th
$50 one-day
$75 two-days includes ICSA Membership

No one will be refused for lack of money. If you need financial assistance to attend contact ICSA at mail@icsamail.com

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