Oct 19, 2021

Alleged pastor of 'cult' church warned congregants on Facebook that 'flood was coming'

Jamaican Observer
October 18, 2021

ST JAMES, Jamaica— The alleged pastor of the St James-based Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries gave specific instructions to his reported congregants on Sunday, hours before members of the faith engaged in a standoff with the security forces.

The pastor warned the church members that they should "immediately" visit the church, as a "flood was coming", among other things.

The pastor, whose identity is being withheld, is believed to among 42 members of the ministry detained by the police for questioning in relation to Sunday's bizarre killing of two congregants inside the church building. 

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For months, the male pastor referred to himself as "Jamaica's eminent international ambassador Israel god King 999", "crown bishop", and "End Time Nabi".

He has also issued several cryptic warnings, which suggested hard times would grip the world. In addition, he was a strong advocate against the COVID-19 vaccines.

In several Facebook posts on Sunday, the self-styled 'religious royalty' urged his followers to come to his church.

"PCC go immediately today (Sunday), now. The Flood is coming. Go Now. RUN. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Leave immediately. Leave immediately. Run. All who are sealed yesterday come now," read one of his strange posts.

In another, he said, "THE ARK is Loading now! 123 Albion Road. Leave immediately dressed in White. PCC registered only now." 

The ministry is located in Albion Road in St James, and members of the congregation were found by the police attired in white at the location on Sunday night. 

Meanwhile, the male pastor instructed people to leave their cell phones at home and attend a meeting that was planned for today, Heroes Day. 

"All Members of Pathways baptized under my hands only must be present at church this Day October 18, 2021. All Cell Phone Must be switch off and left at your homes. Wrap in aluminum file. You will not be able to come on the property otherwise," he warned.

The St James 'clergyman' also claimed that "999 plands bearing the number 6 will fall from my heavens across Jamaica and the Whole World".

Speaking on Monday, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, said 31 women and 11 men have been detained for questioning.

Commissioner Anderson also noted that a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is also in custody, and there are suspicions that other police personnel are involved.

"There was a police woman here and we are processing that as well. We are aware of a couple other [officers] who may be members of the congregation based on what we are seeing inside and of course, more information is coming in," he said.

He said that members of the police force were alerted to the premises where a three-day convention was being held, after receiving a report from an injured congregant who was rushed to the hospital.

"A congregant here, apparently when she chose to disobey some instructions given to her by the leaders of this organisation, reported to the police that she was injured and other information that led us to believe that the [others] here were at risk," said the police commissioner.

"We were very concerned that some form of ritualised killing was going to take place here and so we did an entry last night," he added.

The police commissioner said that based on reports to the police, some 144 congregants received messages to meet at the religious location for the convention.


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