Oct 27, 2021

Forced Colonics, Weekly Weigh-Ins: Feds Detail Creepy Child Abuse in Kansas ‘Cult’

Justin Rohrlich
October 26, 2021

Leaders of a Nation of Islam offshoot that has been labeled a “cult,” separated children from their parents, held them incommunicado under highly restrictive conditions, and made them work up to 16 hours a day for no pay, according to a shocking indictment unsealed Tuesday in Kansas federal court.

The 20-page filing accuses eight officials with the United Nation of Islam (UNOI)—a splinter group that in 1978 broke away from Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam—of conspiracy and forced labor. It includes a breathtaking array of additional allegations, claiming the group, among other things, denied the kids proper medical care, prohibited them from attending outside schools, and demanded some of them undergo colonics performed by adult members. The children, who were reportedly as young as 8, were often kept in “overcrowded dormitories or barracks,” which they were not allowed to leave, say prosecutors.

“Conversely, the defendants and their immediate families typically resided in spacious accommodations, ate what they wanted, and worked at their own discretion,” the indictment states.

The accused leaders—Kaaba Majeed, Yunus Rassoul, James Staton, Randolph Rodney Hadley, Dana Peach, Etenia Kinard, and Jacelyn Greenwell—were arrested Monday in various U.S. cities. They do not yet have lawyers listed in court records, and were unable to be reached for comment.


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