Mar 9, 2022

Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc.

ODAN challenges many of Opus Dei’s Questionable Practices because of the way they affect an individual’s personal freedom, choices and family life.

Since 1991, ODAN has been in contact with countless individuals, families, the secular and religious press, clergy, religious, cult awareness organizations, campus ministers, home-schooling parents and more.

ODAN has been providing information about Opus Dei’s Questionable Practices since 1991. Over the years the information we have gathered has become large and expansive.

ODAN is in the midst of cataloguing it’s extensive collection of information and articles into a digital format. Much of the information is from almost 30 years ago, during a time when Opus Dei had not polished its veneer, especially with the media. The information ODAN has gathered is both comprehensive and important to preserve. It provides a much different view of Opus Dei and reveals a troubling picture of how harmful Opus Dei is. While some of the information was posted many years ago, it still applies to Opus Dei and its activities. The only difference today is the more media savvy approach Opus Dei uses to explain itself. Our approach is to provide accurate, honest information in a scholarly way.

ODAN is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Please support our work to continue providing information about Opus Dei.

Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 4333
Pittsfield, MA 01202-4333
Telephone: 413-499-7168
Executive Director: Dianne DiNicola

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