May 23, 2023

CultNEWS101 Articles: 5/22/2023 (Jehovah Witnesses, Book, Podcast, Toxic Positivity, Institute in Basic Life Principles)

Jehovah Witnesses, Book, Podcast, Toxic Positivity, Institute in Basic Life Principles

"This book is about Lucia's experience of being raised within a religious cult. She left at the age of sixteen where she had to choose between her family and her own life. Lucia was then out in the world where she had to face some harsh realities, but also experienced freedom and the wilder side of life. She later explored other spiritual paths that were the start of a fascinating journey."
"Kayla is a YouTube creator and launched her channel Keya's World back in 2021 to discuss toxic positivity, hustle culture, self-help, spirituality, scams, and everything in between."
"The limited series, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, aims to go beneath the surface as it explores the wholesome family's troubling ties to a radical religious organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles. In doing so, it unveils how the organization has shaped — and negatively impacted — the once-beloved TLC brood, which has since experienced a series of controversial scandals."

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