Aug 6, 2023

Leader of sect claims partner and child have been "kidnapped by Portuguese State"

Portugal Resident

By  Natasha Donn

August 4, 2023


Água Akbal Pinheiro “doesn’t know where they are, or when they will be returning”

As investigations continue into the death of a baby boy at the self-styled ‘Kingdom of Pineal’ near Oliveira do Hospital, near Coimbra, the leader of the sect, a former British chef taking the name Água Akbal Pinheiro, has revealed that his current companion and baby daughter Ether have been kidnapped by the Portuguese State.

Pinheiro (proper name Martin Kenny Junior) claims he doesn’t know where they are, or when they will be returning.

By way of two video clips uploaded to Youtube, the sect leader – whose little boy Samsara (from a different mother) is the child who died and was cremated without notice to authorities –  linked the raid on the property earlier this week to the arrival in Portugal of the Pope, incorrectly suggesting the Pope touched down in this country on the same day.

His first video, uploaded after long hours in the local police station, complained of the “abuse of power” by “armed forces of the Portuguese State”, some of whom were “very aggressive”.

Expresso confirms the accompaniment of Kenny/ Pinheiro’s daughter by a pediatrician, saying the child was removed from the property to a safe house “because authorities feared she could have health problems”.

The fear of authorities is that “there could be another death for lack of medical attention, as happened with the 14-month-old boy in April 2022”, says the paper. This was “the principal reason for the mega operation that involved PJ police, Coimbra’s department of investigation and penal action, the GNR, Social Security and health specialists” on Monday.

Martin Junior Kenny/ Água Akbal Pinheiro meantime continues to “demand that the State recognises the autonomy of the land where he resides”, something which the local municipality does not accept.

According to reports, the death of Samsara is a matter that public prosecutors have resolved to “append” to a main case – the local authority’s much easier to prove complaints about “alleged construction of equipments in an irregular way”, and “parties that occurred (on the property) and could be related to drug trafficking”. There have also been complaints of “possible frauds related to donations by members of the community”, said Expresso. Again, these will be relatively straightforward to prove or disprove. But the death of the baby, and the circumstances in which it took place, can never be a straightforward matter for the simple reason that there is no body. According to all accounts, the child was cremated and his ashes scattered in a nearby river.

As reports explained when this story first broke, Samsara’s birth was not registered as is the law in Portugal, and it does not appear that he was ever seen by a local medical practitioner.

From the 20-minute video uploaded onto Youtube, it does appear that authorities want Kenny/ Pinheiro’s daughter to be properly registered, and that there will be a ‘court case’, possibly before she and her mother are able to return home.


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