Mar 16, 2014

28E Agreement between Jefferson County and Vedic City at standstill

Tess Hedrick

VEDIC CITY, IOWA -- The Jefferson County Supervisors are at a standstill with Vedic City currently.

Because Vedic City’s population has changed, the city’s financial arrangement is different today than what it used to be. That being said, a new 28E must be drawn up.

Jefferson County used to receive all of the federal and state dollars and would then send Vedic City about 92% of it. Now, Vedic City receives all of the federal and state dollars with the county having to invoice them for the potion the county needs.

The new 28E agreement cannot be signed until the street signs that were put up without the proper engineering study by the city of Vedic City come down.

“In particular, Jefferson County controls and maintains the perimeter roads around Vedic City. Some of those perimeter roads are actually city on both sides of the road for short distances. And so there in lies some of the confusion for Vedic City,” said Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor.

Dimmitt said whether the county signs the 28E agreement or not does not make it an agreement until Vedic City signs it as well.