Mar 30, 2014

Peace Palace built by Sunway Homes

I am a big fan of the Beatles. The first time I heard about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was back in the 60s. Those were big time news: ..."the Beatles interrupted their successful career to join the teaching of an Indian Guru". His name remained in my mind, and in the year 2004, when I was contacted by Dr. Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace, an entity of the Maharishi organization, I remembered immediately to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
The Maharishi organization was planning to build a large number of buildings named "Peace Palaces" in several places in the USA, Brazil, Mexico and other countries, and they were looking for a manufacturer of steel structures and builder to assign this contract.

Due to the importance of the project, many conference calls were held by me with Dr. Feldman and representatives of the organization from several countries.

The negotiations were conducted for several months.

While we were in the negotiation process, I started watching the press conferences from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Internet and developed a great interest, to the point that I was watching a conference per day.

During one of those multi-party telephone calls I received a sudden question: "Can you manufacture and build for us 30 buildings within 150 days?"

I recognized the voice immediately! The person asking was MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI.

...We were talking about the biggest project ever assumed by Sunway Homes!

I told him that our company had not all the resources required for a project of this magnitude within such a short time frame. His next question was: "

...What do you need to do it?"

I mentioned a large figure, feeling that we were losing the contract. His answer was:

"I need you to start working today, I want a plan within three days, and I will give you a loan and you will pay us with your work. I know by the sound of your voice that I can have trust in you."

We signed the contract by a fax received and sent to the main offices of the organization in Holland and started manufacturing the following week.

We were manufacturing and building for the organization for two and a half years without meeting Dr. Feldman and Mr. Maharishi in person. In December of 2007 we were invited to their offices in Holland and Mr. Maharishi expressed the most kind words about Mario Manuel, my son who is the chief engineer of Sunway Homes, and me.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi devoted his life to the creation of a better world, a "Heaven on Earth" in his words. He inspired the peace movement that helped to stop the Vietnam war.

I will always remember Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was on his 80s when I had the honor to dealing with him. I was always surprised with his bright mind, with his mental strength and determination, and with the fact that I found over so many conference calls that he used to work perhaps 20 hours a day!

I have no words to describe and honor MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI, thus I will reproduce the words from one of his disciples.

Jai Guru Dev

Mario Aguilera Rico