Mar 30, 2014

Diwakari Devi of Radha Madhav Dham gives Invocation at Hays County Court

Austin, November 2nd, 2013: For the second time this year, Diwakari Devi of Radha Madhav Dham was invited to give the invocation for the Hays County Commissioner’s Court in San Marcos, TX. As with her first invocation in March, she was warmly welcomed to the November 5 session by Judge Bert Cobb, Commissioner Ray Whisenant, and other dignitaries.

Beginning her morning presentation to the Court by singing Tvameva Mata, a well-known Sanskrit verse from the Hindu Scriptures, Diwakari Devi concluded with a heart-touching Invocation:
“My Dear Lord, You alone are my mother, You alone are my father, You alone are my friend, relation, knowledge and wealth. Oh my beloved Lord, You alone are my everything.  My Lord, You are the ocean of infinite grace and kindness. You liberally bestow Your grace and kindness on all the souls. Today, here in our community, those who have chosen to follow a higher calling to serve their fellow man have assembled, and with the collective goal to work together, seek to uplift the people of this county. Together, we look to You, dear Lord, for inner guidance, strength and divine grace. We dedicate our actions to You and endeavor to single-mindedly do our duty for the benefit of all.”
Diwakari Devi