Nov 9, 2014

Maharishi University of Management student reviews (2004-2014)

“Experience was so bad, I had to dedicate

Apr 14 2014
Experience was so bad, I had to dedicate a whole website to it. 
They claimed a "crime free" campus when there was a murder on the campus in the past decade which was the result of the university's negligence. More concerned with pushing their Transcendental Meditation agenda and subsequent propaganda.
Male -- Class 2000

“I attended this university for three years

Nov 02 2013
PreMed and Medical
I attended this university for three years. The campus is home to students and followers of Maharishi. In fact all of the faculty are also devoted followers of him and one finds themselves in a "cult of personality". In all classes many hours are spent watching old tapes of Maharishi answering questions from audience members at conventions. The main goal of the school is to keep people calm. Work assignments are easy and wasteful of time. In my classes no one fails because the teachers often go over the questions and answers for upcoming exams. Life here is easy and soft, one learns laziness and passivity. Many people stay because life in the outside world is soon seen as hard and scary. Most teachers get paid around one thousand dollars a month before taxes and are given no retirement plan or other benefits except a meal pass at the cafeteria and an option to stay in a dorm room. Students are required to meditate during class time and have to go to class six days out of the week. Since all of the students get passed due to huge grade inflation, the 200 and 300 level classes are filled with students who still don't understand the concepts on a 100 level. This is why answers are handed out. So this school is wonderful if you want to vege out and get a diploma with a high GPA. But if you want to become prepared for a career in the real world stay far away from this place. My experience seems different from what I see in the computer science program; although this program is mainly filled with English as a second language students from Africa and Asia. My main advice for success at M.U.M. is too talk about how wonderful Maharishi and your meditation is. This advice will surely get you straight A's and many accolades regardless of what your term paper or presentation was supposed to be about.
3rd Year Male -- Class 2013
Faculty Accessibility: A, Education Quality: F

“This school is misleading

May 25 2012
Natural Resources
This school is misleading. I don?t understand how it is accredited. This school lied to me, by saying the curriculum was most important, when all they care about is you becoming part of the TM cult, and adding to the false scientific idea of the ?Mahrishi Effect? and ?Super Radiancy?; all pseudoscience with biased statistics.
They worship Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as an infallible saint. His word is gods word to them. I wasted a 1.5 years of my life there before I left and went to a real college. The classes are a joke, everything revolves around how Mahesh is correct, and every discipline is a reflection of his correct cognition/interpretation of the Ved. They state it?s not a belief system, but they believe the Mahesh and other yogis cognized the ?truth? of the universe.

They charge you to learn TM, yet they call it a birthright. This place is every definition of a cult. It has an infallible leader, the cut themselves off from society, they are correct and other religions are wrong (they would just say the ved is seen in every other religion), and if you disagree or don?t see ?the light?, they ask you to leave.

When I went there, they segragated men and women in most classes, didn?t let you ware jeans or have facial hair, forced you to do meditation and made you scan a badge with an ID # do make sure you showed up, claimed to be non-sectarian but didn?t allow people to practice other forms of mediation, and always claimed how Mahesh and the movement were correct, how TM was the ?best? form of mediation, and how TM was the only way to save the world.

They also forced me to live on campus until I got a doctors note, detailing how the mold in the dilapidated dorms was causing respiritory issues. Plus they act like they are sustainable, but they do not have one LEED certified buildings only registered (I?m a LEED Accredited Professional and verified this), they care more about Vastu (Mahesh?s form of Sthapatya Vedic architecture) than non-toxic buildings. They also forced everyone to walk in east or north entrances because of their beleifs. The dorms only entrance in that directiont was the fire escape. We were not allowed to use the main entrance.

I tried working with them the whole time I was there, but in the end, I realized this was a cult, not an evil organization, but a cult who took the word of Mahesh as absolute truth. This is not a post secondary school, but an ashram for a sect of American Hindus.I strongly warn anyone against attending who isn?t a devote of Mahesh or their particular sect of hinduism.