Sep 18, 2015

Miracle healer claims he can cure people by injecting energy into their bottoms

Reg Roberts
September 18, 2015
Daily Star
CRACK SQUAD: People queue up for this faith healer to put her feet on their bums
People await their turn with the faith healer
Believers, who turn up at the house of 43-year-old Pham Thi Phu, have to lie face down on her brick floor naked except for their underwear.

When she enters the room they have to pull down their underpants so she can see their naked backsides.

The wonder healer then simply steps over them while pressing her feet on their bums in order to cure them.

Every day 600 or more sick people queue up to gain admission, but there are also dozens of other young and healthy-looking people turning up to pay their respects and offer their thanks for being cured.

One man became suspicious and raised the alarm when he noticed it was always the same crowd of young healthy people turning up to say thank you.

Realising they were simply paid actors, he raised the alarm.

It turns out Phu was a former fishmonger who gave up the job after suffering from mental illness, and emerged from a psychiatric institute claiming to be a miracle healer with the power to cure any illness.

She tackles everything from cancer through to polio, mental illness and autism by simply stepping over her patients.

Doubts raised in local media however have not stopped people from turning up bearing gifts of cash to her house, in Song Cong town in Northern Vietnam's Thai Nguyen Province.

BIZARRE: She stood on some of her patients to 'inject energy' that way
Phu steps on them, one after another, claiming to transmit "electricity" to the patients through her bare feet when she touches them on the bottom to "cure them of their illness".

For severe cases, patients are held upside down with their head dipped in a basin of water charged with her body's mysterious electricity.

She says she demands nothing for her services but accepts donations for her work with the amount left up to the patient.

Tran Van Thang, a 65-year old man with lung cancer from the capital Hanoi, said: "When I came here for the first time, I met a group of young men and women, who told me they had come to thank her for her wonderful treatment.

"But after a few months, when I came back to her house, I saw the same group with the same praise being given."

Thang, who said he did not improve from her treatment, decided he'd better get treated at a clinic back in the capital.
Pham Thi Phu has been accused of having fake followers who repeatedly praise her w...
One local called Trinh, a neighbour of Phu's, said that all her patients are from neighbouring provinces and cities and that locals never went for her treatment because so many had ended up dying.

He said: "When she sold fish in the market, she always short-changed us, even now, we call her 'Phu fish'."

But in the area, officials claim to be ignorant of any problem with the faith healer's work.

Pham Vu Khanh, head of the Ministry of Health's Traditional Medicine Management Department, said his office had not received any information about her from local authorities.

Since Pham Thi Phu's yard is only large enough for around a 100 people, latecomers have to rent a room nearby to wait for their turn.

The rooms, which cost far more than the usual rental prices, as well as all the local restaurants and even the motorbike taxis are all apparently owned by her relatives.

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