Sep 21, 2015

Satanic Ritual Story Debunked

By: Debra Van Neste and Janaki M. Van Den Brink

September 21, 2015

Satanic ritual abuse story by spiritual teacher, Teal Swan, turns out to be all lies.
Orlando, Florida, Teal Swan, known as:  “The Giggling God”' and  “The Spiritual Catalyst” ’ and self-proclaimed “Spiritual Leader of the New Age,”  has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. She has a movie in production about her life story. She has published books, offers seminars and workshops throughout the country and Europe, and sells merchandise through her web-shop. She has hundreds of thousands of followers throughout social media. 

Recently, she has been debunked by a group of local cult researchers and exposed as a fraud.

Teal Swan's teachings focus around her claims of overcoming 13 years of satanic ritual abuse during which she was allegedly raped, drugged, mentally programmed, tortured, regularly abducted at night while her parents and brother were sleeping, and even sewn into a corpse being left for 12 hours. She also allegedly witnessed the murder of numerous immigrant children who were abducted by a satanic cult. She even claims she was instrumental in abducting some of them. The ringleader of the cult, according to Teal, was a local man living a double life as a sociopathic, mormon/satanist, with multiple personalities. He was a friend of her family, and a local veterinarian, whom Teal refers to publicly as “Doc”. 

A group of cult investigators who publish a magazine called  'Ethics and The Modern Guru'  became suspicious of her claims when Cameron Clark, one of Teal's ex-followers, came forward and told her story of living in Teal's 'House of Horrors'. She lived in Teal’s “intentional community” for  six months, and was harassed by many of Teal's fans and household members for many months after leaving Teal’s group..

Teal Swan's claim that she was “sewn in a dead body” as an eight-year-old child aroused the curiosity and suspicion of the investigating journalists. Several calls to morticians proved this was an impossibility, unless she was 'the size of a football,' according to one of the morticians.

The cult awareness team decided to contact the man accused of these heinous crimes in order to get to the bottom of Teal's gruesome stories.

“Doc” is being accused of torturing Teal between the ages of six and nineteen, in horrific ways. The team interviewed Doc several times. He was severely shocked when he was approached for a statement. Doc is a retired veterinarian who lives a quiet life with his wife of 35 years. He offers workshops and is an author.  He is currently considering his legal options in regards to Teal Swan’s allegations. Doc produced a handwritten letter, from Teal that was sent to him almost a year after she claims to have “escaped” from his clutches, at the age of 19. . Teal writes to him like you would to an old and dear friend. She shows not fear, but respect and admiration. She says she misses him,and wants him to contact her.  Very contradictory to her public tales of the man who abused and tortured her.

The magazine, which is due to be launched  late September-October  of this year through Kindle and softcover, includes many pages of documentation and research on Teal Swan's allegations.

Contact Information: Debra Van Neste

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"Traumatic bonding occurs as the result of ongoing cycles of abuse in which the intermittent reinforcement of reward and punishment creates powerful emotional bonds that are resistant to change." Wiki