May 9, 2017

Neighbors shocked after people found locked inside cabins at Tennessee rehab center

Erika Lathon
May 8, 2017


A Cannon County Scientologist, who opened a rehab facility, is out of business for good after a court-ordered shut down.

A judge ordered the facility shut down after two people staying there reported being locked in cabins against their will.

Hans Lytle, Dennis Flamond and Marc Vallieres plead guilty to false imprisonment of two people at a rehab facility in rural Cannon County.

Lytle's attorney, Jeff Cherry, said his client worked at Life Center For a New Tomorrow, LLC. for just a few months. He wants to set the record straight.

"The facility Mr. Lytle was employed by was not owned by the Church of Scientology," Cherry said. "It was not affiliated with the Church of Scientology."

Scientologist Marc Vallieres, who is not affiliated with the Church of Scientology, is believed to have used training learned through the church to open his own treatment facility.

According to the Cannon County Sheriff's Department, deputies found a man and a woman, who is disabled, locked in cabins with poor conditions. The clients claimed they were held inside up 14 hours a day.

According to an arrest warrant, one victim told officers he'd been beaten and held there to "have rehab and get cleansed through Scientology."

Local residents are shocked by the allegations.

"Crazy that it happened so close to home," Brittany Roberson-Cowart said. "You wouldn't think about all this stuff that happens in the crazy world happening right here where you're from."

"Pretty crazy; normally this kind of stuff doesn't happen around here," Alex Davenport said.

Vallieres declined an on camera interview, and a judge has ordered the facility shut down for good.

All three men arrested entered guilty pleas and are on unsupervised probation for a year. After that, the charges could be dropped and their records expunged.

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