Dec 16, 2020

Accused Sarah Lawrence sex cult leader says he was delirious, desperate for Adderall when questioned by FBI

Stephen Rex Bro
New York Daily News
December 8, 2020

He was delirious, desperate for an Adderall fix and having trouble standing up — but that didn’t stop FBI agents from questioning a creep charged with leading a sex cult of Sarah Lawrence College students, lawyers claimed Tuesday.

The detailed account of Lawrence Ray’s February arrest emerged in Manhattan Federal Court in an effort to suppress statements he made to authorities. Ray, the best man at former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik’s wedding, is accused of keeping a small group of young adults in his thrall through sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, verbal abuse and threats of violence.

Authorities have said Ray was in bed with one of his victims when they arrived at his New Jersey home.

“The night before I was arrested, I arrived home late, around one. Before going to sleep, I took Nyquil, Excedrin PM, and a shot of vodka,” Ray said in a sworn declaration detailing his state of mind that day.

“I asked if I could take my medication and they said no. I was taking Adderall four times a day, for many years, and had grown completely dependent on it. Without it, my brain felt foggy, my thoughts were confused, and I had difficulty concentrating. I would never choose to talk to anyone without taking my medication.

“It felt like an invasion.”

Facing intense questioning from FBI agents, Ray said he fell backwards on his bed several times and almost took a spill when standing up to go to the bathroom.

“I was too groggy and didn’t want to keep talking,” Ray said. “At one point, the man asked for the code to my phone. He said that if I didn’t give him the code, the judge would see me as uncooperative and that I wouldn’t get bail. So, I gave it to him.”

Ray’s attorneys in the Federal Defenders say his post-arrest statements should not be featured at trial because the agents never read him his rights. In a related effort, Ray’s legal team asked a judge to reconsider granting bail because he suffers health problems behind bars and has been unable to meet in-person with his attorneys due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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