Dec 5, 2020

YES! YES! YES! Inside the bizarre world of the 'orgasm cult'

Orgasm guru Nicole Daedone.
Brad Hunter
Toronto Sun
November 28, 2020

Behind closed doors a so-called “orgasm cult” was even wilder and more bizarre than its reputation.

Now, former employees of OneTaste are speaking out about the action on the group’s communal properties in California.

It was founded in 2004 by Nicole Daedone and focuses on the practise of what’s called “orgasmic meditation.”

OneTaste claimed that orgasmic meditation improved women’s sex lives and allowed them to “reclaim their sexuality.” Daedone even proclaimed it would be as popular as yoga some day.

What it involves is a woman naked from the waist down and having her clitoris stroked by a man, either her partner or another customer. But there was a cost, mostly financial.

The FBI are now investigating the so-called cult. Leader Nicole Daedone.

Now, OneTaste is under investigation by the FBI over lurid allegations that include sex trafficking, prostitution and violations of labour laws. The group has denied the charges.

Former technology officer Chris Hubbard told the BBC podcast, The Orgasm Cult, that Daedone lured him into the company by having female followers “turn him on” and have sex with him.

“They needed somebody who had the kind of skills I had,” he told the podcast.

“So Nicole would tell women: ‘Go get that guy. Go get him all turned on and hot and bothered. We’ll make sure he comes back’. So suddenly there were two or three, in my mind, absolutely stunningly gorgeous women, who were articulate and smart and fun and delightful, wanting to have sex with me,” Hubbard alleged.

“I didn’t really earn that but I’m not going to say ‘no.’ There were a lot of women who wanted me to stroke them, or “OM” with them. So I had my hands on a lot of p—- and that’s probably my favourite thing in the world.”

He revealed at their original San Francisco headquarters, there were king and queen-sized mattresses lying all over the place.

At its peak, OneTouch employed 150 people across nine cities, including San Francisco, New York and London.

In 2018, “students” coughed up $499 for a weekend course, $4,000 for a retreat, $12,000 for a spot in the coaching program, and $16,000 for intensives. An all-inclusive option cost $60,000.

Classes featured dozens of women, naked from the waist down, having their clitorises stroked.

Another former employee named Willow said her favourite class was when the women all undressed, “spread their legs” and revealed their genitalia to others in the group.

“That feels really empowering and (to know) that what I look like is completely right and normal and beautiful and there are 10 other people in the room who are saying, ‘yes, this is beautiful to me too’,” she said.

Some women have called Nicole Daedone an inspiration.

As for Daedone, the founder, she was positively “tremendously magnetic.”

“She was Amazonian,” the former employee said. “She knew herself 1,000% and just had this presence and self-awareness and self-acceptance and self-love that I don’t think I’d ever witnessed in anyone.”

The former employee added: “She was kind of a god figure almost.”

The company has denied any wrongdoing.

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