May 18, 2021

An Everyday Cult

An Everyday Cult

"Co-founder of, author of An Everyday Cult, and host of Writing to Reckon Gerette Buglion is on the home stretch of her book launch happening May 25th!

Gerette Buglion’s true-life story shows how her innocent quest for meaning is hijacked by a teacher who recognized her thirst for spiritual knowledge…awakening insight while simultaneously eroding her capacity for critical thinking. An Everyday Cult follows the arc of her journey through young motherhood into a group that welcomed her but also captured her mind, her heart, and her money. She shows us how a mind and psyche can be compromised by a controlling leader, using techniques that fly under the radar of human awareness—and she implores readers to wake up to these ever-present abuses of power. Gerette vividly describes a personal journey that became increasingly treacherous, culminating in tragedy. In the telling of her story, she exposes the impact of cultic manipulation on daily life.

Written in an engaging, self-reflective style, rich with insight into techniques common to cults the world over, An Everyday Cult increases the reader’s understanding and awareness of destructive dynamics that just might be closer to home than anyone ever imagined.

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