May 9, 2021

CultNEWS101 Articles: 5/8-9/2021

Book Review, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Legal, Cult Leaders, Documentaries

"I reviewed this book because the content is from territory I've covered since the late 1970s. 25 years ago I may have been inclined to agree with the authors who critique Modernism as a "satanic" formation stemming from the Enlightenment, Kant's "Copernican revolution," and neo-Gnostic immersions into the Deep State of global oligarchs intent on destroying the traditional or Orthodox Christian relationships with God and objective reality. I disagree with its basis. This review is a foretaste of a lengthy one I hope to post online soon and in an International Cultic Studies Association magazine."
Legislation could remove statute of limitations for civil suits.

"Colville described himself as once being a "happy-go-lucky kid" who rode his bike everywhere after winning a 10-speed bicycle selling the most tickets at Boy Scouts.
"I got into the church, I was an altar boy, my mother and father were very religious," Colville said. "Most of my brothers were altar boys and this guy, this priest, started showing me attention and I thought it was cool that an older guy wanted to hang out and buy me crap and take me places. And he worked his way into my family and my mother believed anything a priest would say. Anything."

Colville recalled Father John Dux asking his parents if he could take him to the state fair in Tampa. They agreed.

"'You can take him anywhere you want,'" he recalled his mother saying. "I mean it was a priest. What better place could you be than with a priest?"
Colville said he and Dux went to the fair and then back to a hotel room.

"He was giving me drugs and alcohol ... I turned around one second and he was standing there naked," Colville said. "He performed oral sex on me, tried to hold me down and make me perform oral sex on him."

The next morning, Colville said he rode in the car with Dux for two hours back to Gainesville.
"I changed as a human being," said Patrick Colville.

Colville's story, poured onto nine typed pages, is one he later shared with his wife of 35 years and recently, his three children — then the church.

" ... This documentary raises questions about the true cost of enlightenment, to the spiritual leaders and the followers and also asks the question of who really benefits from the exchange. Often, followers are put in danger and risk their health because of the level of dedication these leaders spark into them. Should there be more legal regulations around the formation of these communities? Should they simply be ignored as frivolities and superficial movements or are they genuinely harmful not just to the members but to unwitting members of society in general?

One thing is certain. The search for life's meaning is a centuries-old phenomenon that is likely to continue for generations. The non-traditional paths towards this endeavor make for an interesting watch."

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