May 6, 2021

The Cult Effect: A True Story of Mind Control in Australia 1996 - 2010

Interview conducted by Cult Interventionist Patrick Ryan!
April 26, 2021

Author Interview with Carli McConkey on her book: "The Cult Effect: A True Story of Mind Control in Australia 1996 - 2010".

"A gripping account of the brutal impact of spiritual and violent extremism. Carli McConkey was 21 years old when she happened upon New Age guru, Natasha Lakaev, and her personal development company, Life Integration Programmes, at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, Australia in 1996. What at first appeared professional and promising, became a vehicle for psychological and physical abuse. Over the next thirteen years, Carli lost her freedom…her mind…and her family. This memoir demonstrates the subtle and insidious process of mind control, gives insights into the period of recovery after escape, and shows how determination and strength can overcome adversity." 

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About the Author

"Carli McConkey spent over 13 years in a destructive cult from the age of 21 to 35 and escaped in January, 2010. She says 'escape', because she was brainwashed into believing that she could not leave. If she did, either her three children would be taken from her, or she and her family would die in Armageddon, prophesised by the cult leader for December 2012. Carli is a normal, everyday person, who is intelligent and from a loving family, and yet she found herself in this situation. Carli wishes to help educate family and friends of current and former cult members so that they are better able to understand the process of mind control and support their loved ones through recovery. She also hopes that sharing her story, personal insights and triumphs, will help support fellow ex-cult members and prevent others from falling prey to such predators. Carli completed a BA (Communication), majoring in Organisational Communication and Public Relations, at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, in 1995. She has been rebuilding her career since leaving the cult, working as an Executive Assistant. Carli lives in Sydney with her three children."

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