May 2, 2021

Ellen White Investigation

Ellen White Investigation
Website explores the teachings of Ellen White.

"Welcome to the Ellen White Investigation, a ministry of, founded on the Internet in 2007 ...  explore the 2000+ pages of articles and books about Ellen G. White.

Hello friends, this is Brother Anderson, and I was a member of the SDA [Seventh-day Adventist Church] sect for 33 years. In 1998, I launched the Ellen White Investigation on the Internet, and for 23 years we have shared with people the fascinating truth about Ellen White. Since then, over three million visitors have also had the joy of discovering this research about Mrs. White.

This web site represents my personal research library of books, articles, and letters, by over 60 authors from all over the world. It is my utmost desire that you will find this material of interest in your own investigation into whether Ellen White was a true prophet or a false prophet."

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