Jul 18, 2021

CultNEWS101 Articles: 7/13/2021 (Aum Shinrikyo, Order of St Charbel, Australia, NXIVM, Legal, Podcast, LDS)

Aum Shinrikyo, Order of St Charbel, Australia, NXIVM, Legal, Podcast, LDS

NHK: Court rules on Aum cult founder's ashes
"Japan's top court has turned down an appeal by the fourth daughter of the late Aum Shinrikyo cult leader Asahara Shoko requesting possession of her father's cremated remains.
The Supreme Court has instead ruled that the second daughter of Asahara, whose real name was Matsumoto Chizuo, can receive the ashes.

The ownership of the ashes is being closely watched as public security officials are concerned they could become an object of worship for Matsumoto's followers. That includes members of Aleph, a successor group of Aum Shinrikyo."

MamaMia: At 27, Claire's husband forced her to join a cult. They were preparing for the world's end.
" ... The concept of a strict religious group was not completely foreign for Ms Ashman. She had been brought up in Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), a sect which was a breakaway from the Catholic Church.

In the strict religion, Ms Ashman was taught that women are submissive and obedient. They don't aim for higher education and they sacrifice their lives for their husbands. She had left that group, but it wasn't long before she was forced into joining another one.

So at 27 years old and with four children - the eldest of whom was seven years old - Ms Ashman joined the now-infamous Order of St Charbel.

The group was founded and led by William Kamm, who claimed he was the first person in history who could ask the Virgin Mary questions and receive answers.

"You could write a letter asking any question that you wanted of the Virgin Mary," Ms Ashman explains to Mamamia. "The Virgin Mary would give Kamm the answer and he would write it down and give it back to the person. But whatever the answer was, you had to follow it, otherwise you would lose your special graces and any kind of special mission that would be given to you in the new holy era."
The cult was even worse - even darker and more apocalyptic - than she had anticipated. And she had little choice but to be submissive and suppressed.

"I had no access to any money. I didn't have any friends. I couldn't go anywhere, even if I wanted to."

It wasn't until she read a book, The Beautiful Side of Evil, about a religious cult in America, that she began to realise what was happening around her. From the hierarchy to the indoctrination, she knew she was in a cult.  

After about three years of living on the property, Ms Ashman began having suspicions that their leader, William Kamm, was impregnating young girls.
'They were apparently 'mystical babies' but obviously over time, you see that they're not mystical - he's the father.'"

Times Union: Law Beat: Keith Raniere adds former Epstein lawyer to his legal team
"Keith Raniere now has more in common with the late Jeffrey Epstein than sexual predation.

The imprisoned NXIVM leader and convicted sex trafficker just added one of Epstein's former attorneys, Marc Fernich, to wage his appeal – in addition to another attorney who, along with Fernich, has represented Sinaloa drug cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera.

Fernich, whose former client Epstein was found dead in his jail cell of what was ruled a suicide on Aug. 10, 2019, joined the legal team for Raniere on Friday, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn."

Hidden True Crime: Beyond The Veil: Interview with Cult Expert Dr. Christine
" ... Lauren interviews survivor, activist, and cult expert Dr. Christine. Dr. Christine is the founder of Voices for Dignity, a non-profit in Hildale, Utah that helps survivors of trafficking, coercive control, and oppression. Dr. Christine and Lauren will explore some of the founding beliefs of Mormonism to provide a picture of how off-shoot cults among believing members of the LDS church can transpire and evolve. Dr. Christine also shares her courageous personal story of survival, trafficking, and transformation. Join us tonight for a unique dinner conversation about LDS cults with a cult expert who shares her very personal and instructive story relevant to the Daybell case."

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