Jul 18, 2021

Vice TV's 'Vice Versa' doc on Jehovah's Witnesses set to premiere this month

Vice TV's 'Vice Versa' doc on Jehovah's Witnesses set to premiere this month
Andrew Jeffrey

July 16, 2021

Cable network Vice TV announced a new documentary special on Jehovah’s Witnesses that’s set to air later this month on July 28.

Vice Versa: Crusaders examines the global religious organization, its carefully curated message of faith and its nearly unblemished public veneer, and investigates corruption within the organization and its work to shame, silence and ostracize others.

The documentary is directed by Aaron Kaufman, who’s worked as producer on films like Machete, Sin City: A Dame to Kill for and Spread. Kaufman is himself a former third-generation Jehovah’s Witness who faced shunning from his family after starting a four-year investigation into the religion’s handling of child sexual abuse within its congregations.

“After witnessing firsthand the cycle of abuse that runs deep within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I could not rest until the dark truth of this organization was brought to light,” Kaufman said in a Vice news release. “Vice Versa: Crusaders exposes those who use their immense power and influence to maintain control in the name of God.”

The documentary includes revealing interviews with whistleblowers, former members and one current witness, as well as access to leaked documents.

The special is executive produced by Lauren Terp, Vice Studios’ Danny Gabai and Andrew Freston, Vice TV’s Catherine Whyte, as well as Daniel Levinson and Robert Fernandez from Moxie Pictures. The special was produced in association with RYOT’s Callie Barlow and Hayley Papas. The senior development manager for Vice TV on the special was Tara Nadolny.

‘Vice Versa’ is a series of independent documentary specials that serve as a hub for compelling storytelling challenging the status quo.


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